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I'm Hunter Haubert and I'm a User Experience Designer based in Sandy Hook, Connecticut.

I am currently creating delightful experiences at Rediker Software, and available at nights for freelance.

My favorite projects that showcase me as a designer and team player are TicketNetwork Portal, Business Center, and Over the Moon: An Apollo Odyssey.

I'm also on Dribbble, , LinkedIn, and Instagram.

About Me,
I correct mismatchs at the interaction level.

I was born hard of hearing, which means I had to focus immensely on finding new ways to communicate.

Design allows me to communicate and interact with people in ways I thought were not possible...

I do not see my hearing as a disability, I see it as a mismatch in the human interaction.

My job as a designer, is to fill in those gaps for our users.

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TicketNetwork Portal

Refine the way brokers access their applications.

TicketNetwork Portal Home Screen

TicketNetwork Portal Home Screen

My team, the Retail Admin Applications team, was tasked with re-designing and refining the Ticketnetwork Portal application.

TicketNetwork Portal is a web-based hub application that allows our internal developers and external brokers to access applications such as POSNext, TicketNetwork Status Alert, and various API Managers.

The previous framework TicketNetwork Portal used was unintuitive, slow-to-load, and not mobile-friendly. My job was to go in, clean up the front-end code, and import it over to my new pattern library that integrated Bootstrap, FontAwesome, and Material Design.

Included with adding a new framework, we identified some key user experience pain-points:

Application tiles were images, the users did not know what the application was until they clicked them.
Navigation was all over the place, many users struggled with trying to find the right page.
Users expressed frustration with accessing their applications on the go.

With a new pattern library and framework, it made the TicketNetwork Portal feel professional, secure, and easy to use. This new pattern library, titled "Project Legacy" was then implemented on all internal applications for the developers and project managers to use and learn from.

Business Center

Redesign a decade old legacy application.

Business Center Home

Business Center Home

Legacy "Business Center", known as "WebAdmin", was an application build in 2004 for our brokers to view their recent transactions, ticketing charges, and shipping information.

It was build with poor functionality in a framework that had not been touched in a decade. I was approached by the Product Owner to do a complete redesign with the Retail Admin Applications team.

Old Web Admin before the redesign

WebAdmin 2004

Before we went into coding the framework, we decided the minimum viable product must include the "Billing" screen flow.

With the old framework, functionality took weeks to develop due to a lot of design bugs and out-dated code. All of our stakeholders were on board with the idea of expanding what the old Web Admin could do and moving it over to a new pattern library.

With the newly designed "WebAdmin", now titled "Business Center", Brokers are no longer constrained to a tiny box on the screen. Navigation, viewing invoices, filtering, and exporting spreadsheets was made easier and clearer.

In just a small timeframe of a few months, We interviewed with stakeholders and build the application from concept to production with minimal bugs.

Over the Moon: An Apollo Odyssey

Reinvigorate passion on the famous space missions.

Apollo Odyssey Quote Slide

Apollo Odyssey Quote Slide

As my university capstone project, I created an interactive timeline on the subject of the Apollo Space Program. As a generation that didn't grow up to watching the moon landings, there is a lot of false information regarding the program. My goal was to reinvigorate interest of others on my passion... space.

To kick it off, I created a simple survey using Google to test the knowledge of classmates and college students. I posted the link through Reddit, Facebook, and email and got over a hundred replies. Of the results:

86% were unable to correctly identify three astronauts that landed on the moon.
Over 12 different years were listed when asked what year we first landed on the moon.
One person thought Buzz Lightyear was a real astronaut.
96% of users expressed interest in an interactive timeline about the Apollo Space Program.

I wanted to build a timeline that showed the essential information without bloating and distractions. I laid down the framework of what information I wanted to show and what the style of the website should be.

Eventually this grew to be a scrollable one-page interactive site that is easily accessible through key-pressing alone.

After constant research, redesigns, and iterations, I was finally ready to launch the site and share it with my friends and peers at the university's senior show.

Overall, the project had a positive reception and was adored by many users.

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